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Whyte Chocolate is 5'3, 135lbs and built like a stallion. She's dominated the screen in over 30 rap music videos including Nelly's "Tip Drill", Petey Pablo's "Freek-a-Leak", "Ooh Wee" by Master P, 8 Ball & MJG's "Cadilac Pimpin'", "Wobble Wobble" by the 504 Boyz, Master P's "Bout Dat", "Lay Low" by Snoop Dogg, Nas & Bravehearts "Quick to Back Down", Fabulous & Nate Dogg's "U Cant Deny It", "Fighting in the Club" by I 20, Ludacris, Bonecrusher & Lil' Jon, and others. Whyte Chocolate, a former No Limit Soldier, was signed to the multi-platinum recording label, No Limit Records, in 2001. She's been in many magazines including XXL Magazine, The Source Magazine, and Black Men's Magazine.

"I'm not with all that waiting. Waiting for what? Life is too short," states the head-to-toe beauty White Chocolate --   star of Nelly's gracious gift, "Tip Drill," to BET Uncut and all straight guys--about her gimme-that mentality. "My mom says that I want water but I don't want to turn on the faucet."

Be clear. The lady attached to those round mound cheeks--which Nelly swiped his credit card between--isn't a spoiled brat. The Rome-born, Atlanta-raised daughter of Sicilian and Black parents deserves everything she gets because she's earned it. Besides starring in current rotators like the Bravehearts' "Quick To Back Down" and the aformentioned "Tip Drill," as well as older hits such as Fab's "Can't Deny It" and Snoop's "Lay Low," White Chocolate is currently building on a rap career that started after she was persuaded to rap the theme song for the 2001 low-budget flick On The Come Up ( in which she also appeared). Master P, having already known her from the ATL scene, offered her a recording contract shortly afterward. But that union soon soured. "I was the only artist in Atlanta on their [No Limit] label, but for some reason they didn't [allow] me to record anywhere," she tells. "But when they didn't I built a studio in my basement and hired an engineer. Basically I got up and did it myself.

"Then I found out through somebody else that they lost their distribution deal. I didn't hear it from P. I was like, 'Let me move out of this situation.'"
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