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The name Vanna Black spawned from the popular Wheel of Fortune hostess, Vanna White. "Vanna White is beautiful, classy, and glamorous. I'm all of those things as well as sexy, sassy, and bad. I'm from the 'hood so naturally my lyrics can be dark to reflect what I've seen and experienced. That's where the name "Black" comes in."

The 20-year-old rapper/model is of African-American, French, Irish, Dutch, and Cherokee heritage, giving her an exotic and stunning appearance that is all her own. She was born and raised in the corrupted slums of West Philadelphia.

Vanna began rapping during her freshman year in high school. "I was always a good writer and always loved rap and one night I was just sitting around and started writing," she recalls. "I took it to school the next day and let the boys hear it and they loved it. So I kept doing it and after a while it turned into a passion."

She first considered modeling a year later when a photographer approached her and offered to take some photos of her. A few short years later Vanna found her career beginning to take off. Thus far, her stint in modeling has been a successful one. Vanna has appeared in the pages of several top urban magazines as well as in numerous advertisements for hair care products, nightclubs, and sneaker stores. Her resume continues to grow.

But Vanna says modeling isn't always a smooth ride. "It can be very brutal," she says with a laugh. "I've had shoots where I had to lay on concrete, climb trees...once I had to climb through these huge rocks and broke the heel on my
shoe. It can be hard work but it's worth it to get the perfect shot."

On the music side, there is also plenty of hard work involved. After all, it's not easy for a female to make it in the male dominated world of rap. While its still early in the game, however, Vanna has already managed to gain esteem among her male counterparts. She is known, not only for her striking beauty, but also for her paramount skills on the mic. "You just gotta let these guys know that you mean business," she says. "Show them that you can do anything they can do, and sometimes better. That's the only way they'll take you seriously."

Vanna's musical talent and creativity came to her genetically. Her mother plays the bass guitar and her father is a drummer in a punk rock band. Her diverse background makes her extremely versatile. And Miss Black is definitely one of a kind. With a style comparable to none, her originality shines through in all she does.

Vanna is currently a college junior, pursuing a BA in journalism. She plans to start her own magazine one day. She still finds time for modeling and rapping, however. Vanna's dedication and desire for success keep her motivated and working.
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