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I am 21 years old I was born in East Trenton New Jersey; I am now residing in Baltimore Maryland. As a child I use to dress up in my mother and grandmothers clothes and mimic the famous “divas” I watched on TV. My mother noticed my vanity and began entering me in modeling contest. I walked in my first fashion show when I was 8. From then on I knew I wanted to model. My mother paid for numerous photo shoots and modeling classes but all agencies said because of my height I could never really walk runway so I was advertised and primarily publicized as a print model. I have been apart of Number's modeling companies in Baltimore. Recently I was apart of Vixen Entertainment witch is a Baltimore based entertainment company that promotes models, rappers and poets. I was featured as one of their premiere models, but I wanted to be more than a promotional model so I began modeling with KMS. I met photographer Ricardo Grey here. He was a little helpful in my photo shoots but he did not really give me the edge I needed. Over the summer I was affiliated with an agency called Odysseys Allure. This company had very good Ideas in my promotional process. They helped me gain TV notifications by entering my pictures to the Flavor of Love3 castings. I was chosen as a finalist but I declined the offer because I did not really want to go that route. Late in the summer I was chosen to be a model in the Nopies racing conference that took place in Maryland. The conference was later aired on SPEED racing channel. Now I am featured in a lot of Club promotions and primer parties here in Baltimore. My goal is to be a very famous model. I idolize models such as La’shonte, Angel lola Love and Esther Baxter. I like all of these ladies because they have a body shape like myself but they present and carry them selves in a incredibly classy and dignified manor. I am willing to travel any were however i do prefer to travel with a staff member, i am looking for work in music videos, magazine shoots and fashion campaigns.

*Kms: print work, modeling promotion

*Odyssey Allure: TV publication, Modeling promotion, PrintWrok

*Vixen Ent: modeling Publication

*John Robert Powers (JRP): Modeling classes, Modeling promotions, Publications and print Work

*Terris Hicks "hurricane": Model promotion, print work

*Speed: Nopi modeling experience: print work, modeling publication

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