Stacia Akaba's Picture Gallery

Stacia Akaba is an aspiring model of 23 years old based in London. She has always been intrested in modelling and loves being in front of the camera. Stacia has done a few fashion shows in and around London for various events from Black Hair & Beauty Show, plus Music Videos. She has a confident character and always makes her presence known. She loves to dance - with Dancehall being a passion of hers. She graduated from London Metropolitain University in 2005 with a BA in Film & Broadcast Production. She is currently working as a Producer in a Post Production TV Company in London's renowned Soho. So not only can she feature in Music Videos, she can also be Producer on all post work done on them!
"Hip Hop Video girls play a major part of the Music Industry and i have respect for models like Lanisha Cole who has furthered the exposure of Hip Hop beauties!"

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