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Dedicated, passionate and driven, Anaya Hayes knew she would grow to be a star when she sang her first note at the impressionable age of 6. The darling of the family, Anaya was born into a culturally rich Egyptian/Nubian household in the multi-cultural capital of North America - Toronto.
She caught the “stage bug” at age 7 and complimented her passion for singing by becoming an accomplished jazz and ballet dancer before the age of 10.
In her teens, Anaya took an opportunity that was presented to her and began modeling. Too short for the runway, this bilingual beauty graced numerous ad campaigns, fashion spreads and music videos.
Refusing to just be a pretty face though, the young entrepreneur was able to use her fame to create the character and personality “Anaya Hayes: Celebrity Event Host” and began coordinating and hosting some of the biggest parties in cities like Toronto, Miami and New York.
Always committed to broadening her horizons, Anaya also studied Geriatric Social Work and Event Coordination and later became a monthly magazine columnist. All by the age of 21!

“Sometimes the pause is more powerful than the note.”

After so much experience in such a short period of time Anaya took the time to reflect on her early accomplishments and use her industry knowledge and connections to launch her music career - her first true passion.
With influences ranging from Mariah Carey to Etta James to Stevie Wonder to Janet Jackson, Anaya is poised to leave her own mark on pop culture.
Armed with an angelic tone, creative musical vision and a superstar image, Anaya is the woman that every young girl wants to be and every man wants to be with. Able to deliver everything from sexy infectious club tracks to heart-wrenching ballads, this young star sings with a wealth of experience seemingly beyond her years.
Currently working with some of the hottest producers from the U.S., Canada and Europe, Anaya Hayes is ready to touch you with her music…..


Drake & Trey Songz' Hit Single "Replacement Girl"
J Diggz' first single "HOTT"
Belly "Pressure" feat. Ginuwine
Kat Eyez feat. Snow

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